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"HAAS/créa is a bespoke web and app development consultancy. We provide elegant CMS driven web and mobile apps for some of the most recognizable names in media and entertainment including HBO, Times Square New Years Eve and others.

Our involvement with development and digital media production, websites and custom applications began over 20 years ago at the early stages of the web, in 1997 when I founded Mercurial Inc. in NYC. We have since gone on to establish a photo and video production agency serving advertising and ecommerce clients as well as photo and video production studios that continue to serve publishing and media giants.  We currently develop at the leading edge of live video streaming and web apps partnering with the leading live production company in NYC. 

Our distributed team of creatives and engineers based in New York City, Copenhagen, Saigon and Da Nang provides exceptional service, solutions and 24 hour coverage for our clients.

We primarily focus on solving business and technology challenges with custom web and mobile applications, bringing our design, media production, business experience and insights to every project.  The result is that we serve our clients as valuble partners, helping them exceed expectations and profit from our work together."

Alexander Bonamarte


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We pride ourselves on out ability to design, engineer and develop virtually all manner of websites, web applications and native iPhone and Android apps. 

Wordpress CMS

Wordpres is a staple in any developer's toolkit for CMS development. For sites that don't require complex integrations or loged users sessions, Wordpress can be a great choice. Our clients can tell you, we know how to build scalable Wordpress sites for high visibility and high traffic events, like the Official Times Square Ball website. Check it out here.  


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Drupal CMS

We have built a very broad range of beautiful and robust sites using the Drupal CMS. We consider ourselves ampong the best drupal teams around. We can manage large multi user sites that support API integrations and scaling. Explore our projects to learm more.


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Magnam distinctio unde atque quos iusto illoim dignissimos hic. Dolore iusto illo, eaque eligendi itaque, iure facilis fugiat et.

HAAS/créa is listed in the Top 10 NYC based Drupal Developes 

We are a New York City based consultancy offering a highly experienced team that excells with Drupal, Wordpress, iOS, Android, Node JS, React, Java and PHP. We offer our clients web and mobile applications,  custom workflow and CMS solutions. If you can imagine a web based product or service, we can plan, design, develop and support it. For the past 8 years, we have leveraged the Drupal platform to provide clients with rapid prototyping of applications as well as building bespoke enterprise web and mobile applications,  CMS Integrations, turn-key e-commerce platforms integrated with third party procurement and fulfillment systems, high availability publishing platform and community sites that support tens of thousands of concurrent users, industry specific database subscription platforms, responsive portfolio and image management tools, custom module development and many, many more.  If it involves Drupal, we can help.

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